We would like to welcome John Simon from Simon Shapes to our Craftsman’s Club. He is a young talented shaper from Ventura, California also part of the Trimcarft shapers Crew. Jhon build surfboards for functionality performance and is highly customized to each customer and the type of wave they surf.

Contact us for your custom order John Simon will be in Portugal from 27 April to 7 of May 2023!

Worldwide shipping is available.

Building surfboards has given me the pleasure of always having something fun to look forward to, and an outlet of total freedom of expression and creativity. I enjoy the process of creating functional, and calculated designs that serve a purpose. The future of surfboard design excites me as I’m constantly looking forward, trying new things, and having fun along the way.

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Simon Top Shapes Models 2023

Quad Fish

This design is focused on flowing through sections and linking carves. The increased outline curve gives it control at high speeds and allows it to fit in tight pockets of the wave. It is a functional, high-performing, and adaptable design that can be pushed hard with the right mindset and approach. The standard bottom shape consists of a light V entry, a double concave, to spiral V in the tail.

Quad Egg

This design is focused on smooth rail surfing and connecting clean lines. This shape is conducive to a relaxed, but calculated performance surfing style. The rocker curve is neutral and continuous from nose to tail giving it functionality in multiple wave types. The standard bottom shape consists of light panel V entry, to flat, to light double barrel concave, to spiral V, to flat behind the fins.


This design is focused on high-performance shortboard-style surfing. The diamond nose and tail give the board a short rail line compared to its overall length. This allows the board to surf tight in the pocket while keeping the outline relatively parallel for speed in a straight line. This shape can be customized and altered for specific wave types and conditions. The quad fin placement gives the board a tight turning arc and grips through hooks in the pocket. 

Squash tail twin + trailer

This design is focused on smooth shredding and the benefits that pivot, and tight radius turns from a centre fin provide. Its neutral rocker curve and balanced outline make for a versatile egg/shortboard combination in multiple wave types and situations. It has well-foiled rails with a hard edge in the tail for engagement and sensitivity. It has a bottom shape consisting of light panel V entry to light double barrel concave to spiral V to flat behind the rear fin placement.

Double bump twin + trailer

This shape is designed to be an efficient, and user-friendly complement to your standard high-performance shortboard specifically for quick, pockety waves. The bottom shape consists of a triplane entry with a single concave as the centre plane, to a single concave in the tail aligned with an acceleration of tail rocker. The term “double bump” comes from the soft bumps/wings in the outline placed near the fins. These help to pull in the tail for control and manoeuvrability but do so with straighter lines rather than curves. This shape can be adjusted to fit a more specific wave type as well.


Custom Shapes and Asymmetrical shapes

Custom shapes and ideas are welcome also the asymmetrical shapes that john does are extremely custom. The goal with them is to make your surfing experience efficient, seamless, and dialled to your specific wants and needs as a surfer.