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Soft Minimal, published by Gestalten, takes the reader on a journey into the visual world of Norm Architects – this is a trip that will feed all your senses. Founded in 2008, the Danish architect studio has become known for its minimalist, stripped-down style, which has made them one of the biggest names in Nordic design. The self-curated Soft Minimal presents Norm Architects’ creative process and work in its full glory through insightful essays and touchingly stunning images. Decorated with a beautiful cover, it makes a perfect coffee table book to keep on hand, and sometimes to forget to flip through the inspiring pages.

The first self-curated monograph by Norm Architects, Soft Minimal showcases a range of works which facilitated their establishment as key figures within Nordic design. Presenting residential and commercial projects throughout Scandinavia, Italy and Japan, Norm reflects on Nordic traditions, modernist principles, and the importance of natural materials. Exploring a creative process that makes the visual speak to all senses, the book becomes insightful, inspirational, and deeply poetic.





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