Wavegliders Family

Wavegliders team is more than a group of individuals that have great characteristics.
We are a family, something that we can trust and rely on, like everything we produce.

Because all brands need people that support their ideas and identify themselves with it.

Daniel Espírito Santo
Peniche – Portugal


A self-taught photographer and cinematographer his art grounds on infinite love for surfing and an ever-going pursuit of simplicity, and insatiable hunger for travel.  Photographs he takes is distinguished by energising landscapes, moments of bliss and adventurous spirit. Capturing nature as his boundless passion, he features it with people, creating an emphatic and intimate atmosphere.

Inês Ambrósio
Cascais – Portugal


She is a Surfer and a Visual Artist working with Photography. Inspired by her surroundings, focusing on human interaction with nature and the elements, especially the water and the sun, she wants to connect with the viewer, she plays visually with the concepts of memory and time and likes to work with found images – particularly family archival. As a surfer from a young age, when she is not creating, she is in the water which is inevitably a constant influence of her work.

Peniche – Portugal


She is a Portuguese illustrator and surfer. The arts have accompanied her since childhood, but only in 2013 did the surf scenes begin to compose the style that defines her so much. From the energy of the ocean, the classic surf and the natural elements, It takes part of her inspiration, which is complemented by ethnic patterns, exotic scenes, colours and the symbolism she observes during her travels.

João Maria Lima
S. Pedro Estoril – Portugal

He enjoys history, music, the occult and classic surf. At the beach, he’s at home. He divides his time between the sea and the air as he travels monthly on a professional basis. It reconciles surfing with work and work with surfing. It follows few rules and has a very specific outlook of life. Always thinking when he is going to catch the next wave.

Ze Mestre
Faro – Portugal

He takes a great inspiration from his father who has been a surfer for over 40 years with great knowledge of classic surfing and culture. Because of that, he connected from a very young age with the sea, surfing and the culture around it. Spending most of the time between studies and waves absorbing his father knowledge and aiming to flow with all kinds of boards expanding his horizons in wave riding.

Kieran Grant
Carcavelos – Portugal

Born and raised in Carcavelos Kieran began surfing at an early age on single fins and thrusters, it was only in his early thirties he progressed to twinnies and logs where he has faithfully stayed unto this present day. Also, he is a dedicated teacher that drives the young generations into the world of classic surf culture and teaches them how to surf and experiment with different types of surf crafts.

Filipe Saixas
Peniche – Portugal

Adept of board sports from age 6, always felt attracted to the ocean and surfing in all its variations. To him, surfing is active meditation. The feeling he gets when a wave is surfed to perfection is like the feeling of being where you should be in time and space.

Gonçalo Osorio
Ericeira – Portugal

He is the jack of all trades, he has been working in the audiovisual area for several years where he developed and a special taste for photography. His work ranges from sculpture, drawing, painting, jewellery and photography. He often mixes these techniques and his work is closely linked to the sea and surfing is one of his greatest passions.