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We would like to welcome Michael Arenal from Arenal Surfboards to our Craftsman’s Club. He is a young talented shaper from Ventura, California, driven by the exploration of riding waves, through the surfer/shaper relationship, and the art and craft of building boards. All surfboards are hand-shaped to remain true to these values and to create the best possible experience for everyone involved.

” For most surfers, surfing is an integral part of their life. We spend a lot of time thinking about, preparing for, and doing it. In my opinion, your surfing is worth investing in relationships to make this lifelong pursuit enjoyable and as purposeful as possible.

My goal isn’t necessarily to make surfboards for perfect waves, or for perfect surfers. My goal and intention is to build surfboards for real surfers, surfing real everyday waves. “

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Arenal Surfboards Models

Tub of fun

What surfing should be all about… fun! No quiver is complete without one of these. The Tub of Fun was created for smallish waves. You don’t want to ride a longboard, and your shortboard just won’t go. The Tub of Fun features a thickness and wide point forward, making for unimaginable paddling performance. The single concave to spiral-vee, along with the pulled-in tail generates a surprisingly manoeuvrable, skatey speed machine. Riding this board is a reminder of just how fun surfing is supposed to be. Can be ridden as a Twin or Quad with various tail options.

Wave Range: Ankle to Chest  –  Recommended length: 4’10-5’8

Average Dimensions: Width: 21.5″ Thickness: 2.5″ Nose: 18.5″ Tail: 16.75″


When I think of the Fish, my mind’s eye rests, for obvious reasons, on Steve Lis and Jeff Ching. Lis invented the design and Ching stood up on it. Whew! Great times, and the great times keep rolling…

This proven design has been tested from Santa Cruz to Baja, beach breaks to point breaks, ankle-snappers to overhead bombs. My take on the classic Fish, with its forward wide point, beaked nose, and flowing curve will deliver fun in the slop and performance in good stuff.

Offered in Twin or Quad fin setups.

Wave Range: Knee to Shoulder (flow zone)  –  Recommended length: 5’0 – 6’8

Average Dimensions: Width: 21.25″ Thickness: 2.5″ Nose: 17″ Tail: 16.5″


I’ve always enjoyed the neutral, fluid, positive feeling attained by shorter single fins. When put to the test, they are predictable, and highly functional. Progressive surfing is easily attained, managed and controlled, at speed. With the wider nose and planning surface, the Ted goes great in point waves, yet there’s no need to fear the beach breaks. The wider nose isn’t a negative in steeper waves due in part to the paddling speed generated by a lower entry rocker. You’re in the wave early enough to set your line and become one with the wave.

Wave Range: Knee to a little over head  –  Recommended length: 5’8 – 6’8

Average Dimensions: Width: 21″ Thickness: 2.5″ Nose: 17″ Tail: 15.5″


A midlength with a yearning for speed and to be driven hard off the bottom with flowing S-carves to round it out. Features a forward wide point, low flowing rocker and foil, and a moderately foiled rail going from soft in the nose to progressive in the tail. The shape works well for those wanting some easy clean surfing with some extra spice sprinkled in. Designed with a single fin, 2+1, and twin fin setups in mind. This board is the gateway drug to your mid-length addiction.

Wave Range: Thigh, to a couple of feet Over-Head – Recommended Length: 6’4 – 7’10

Average Dimensions: Nose: 16.5’’ Width: 21.5” Tail: 15 5/8” Thick: 2 7/8”


Curiously, there aren’t many surfboards made in the 8’6” to 9′ range, why is that? Too big for a mid-length; too small for a longboard? Opportunity? I was intrigued and set out to explore and understand this largely ignored aberration.

Following the proven axiom: “keep it simple stupid,” I settled on a naturally flowing, continuous rocker (no flat zones) and a curvy plan-shape – no wings, bumps, or breaks in the outline. Of most importance, I wanted a wave catching beast, so a flatter entry rocker was essential. The single-fin, round pin-tail keeps the turns smooth, although a square-tail, or soft diamond provides for quicker direction changes. Rails are of the 70/30 variety, with hard down rails in the tail for drive and punch out of turns. The flat entry to spiral vee to flat off the tail provides the speed and fluidity desired for solid bottom turns, smooth cutbacks, and mindless trim; pure down-the-line surfing. The Anomaly is efficient in the smaller stuff, but when the surf picks up the board comes alive, as if saying, “…show me what you’ve got!” Offered in Single fin or 2+1 options

Wave Range: Knee, up to overhead – Recommended Length: 8’4 – 9’2

Average Dimensions: Width: 22″ Thick: 3″ Nose: 16″ Tail: 14.25″


We all suffer from long spells of small surf, and pretty soon we itch for feelings of something other than our longboard. This is where the Microglide comes in. The original intent behind the design was a mid-length for small surf, yet it has proven to be up for much more than that. A full outline, flowing lower rocker, and some special bottom contours make this board an incredible paddler, wave catcher, and smooth carver off the tail. Get ready for a midlength that will provide fast-flowing glide, and work in the lineup of a typical “longboard” day or spot.

Wave Range: Knee to Head High –  Recommended Length: 6’6 – 8’0

Average Dimensions: Nose: 18.75” Width: 22” Tail: 16.5” Thick: 2 7/8” – 3”


The idea for the B68 was inspired and brought to life by my good friend Andy Cowell, drawing inspiration from Bob McTavish. As a regular enthusiast for single fins, and boards that drive and perform, he came to me with this shape in mind. I continually get feedback from him saying how great the board is working, whether its over head surf or small little runners. There’s certainly something special about this board. It seems to gather all the energy from the wave and perform with the utmost fluidity. Being in positions on the wave where I am thinking, “I can’t make this.” or “I’m going to dig the nose.” The B68 seems to pull through with total style and grace. Featuring moderately foiled rails, slight rolled entry, to flat, into spiral vee, and a foiled hard edge off the tail. A midrange single fin that performs, and certainly makes the most of every wave.

This was my daily driver for a long time as I moved up to the Ventura area. I only had a couple boards with me, and this guy showed me a good time whether it was knee high or over-head.

Wave Range: Knee to Over Head – Recommended Length: 6’8 – 7’10

Average Dimensions: Width: 21.5″ Thickness: 2 7/8″ Nose: 15.75″ Tail: 14.5”


The name says it all. A board all about the trim. Inspired by iconic designs of the 60’s with a modern flair, the Trimmer is shaped with roll flowing into panel vee through the tail. Combined with the near-centered wide point and more continuous curve in the outline than you’re probably used to. With a square tail offering nimble turns, and quicker acceleration in smaller surf than a pintail. This board is all about connecting you with a wave-riding experience centred around less thinking and more flowing. Connecting you with trim, and letting the board do the work. Enjoy!

Wave Range: Knee to Shoulder High – Recommended Length: 9’0 – 10’0

Average Dimensions:  Nose: 15”  Width: 22.5”  Tail: 14.5”  Thick:    2 7/8” – 3.25”


An all-around modern log shape. Featuring a moderate consistent rocker, blended nose concave, forgiving rails, and squash tail to keep things smooth and fluid from turning to nose riding. Clean and simple are what the Standard is all about. Designed to be a functional go-to longboard in a wide variety of waves.

Wave Range: Shin to Shoulder – Recommended length: 9′-10’

Average Dimensions: Width: 23”  Thickness: 3-1/8”  Nose: 17-3/4”  Tail: 15-7/8”